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  • We Asked 5 Leaders For Advice On Stepping Up September 18, 2017
    Making sense of your potential can be tough and confusing. What’s most difficult is that it’s different for everyone. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for figuring out what to do next. For instance, perhaps you’re feeling stuck or uncertain about where to take your career? If that’s the case, then you’ll need to reflect on what […]
  • Why We Need Gender Equity Now September 18, 2017
    We need gender equity now. Those are words often uttered in social justice circles, and recently, across a number of headlines. What does that mean? More broadly, how is gender equity different than gender equality? If gender equality is the end, gender equity is the means. Gender equality "does not mean that women and men will become […]
  • Why Work/Life Balance isn’t the Goal You Should Aim For September 18, 2017
    More and more women, especially millennials, are prioritizing “work/life balance” when seeking jobs. I commend these women for prioritizing their own self-care, as I always tell clients I work with to “put the oxygen mask on themselves first.” The problem with this particular mentality as it is framed is it inherently implies that work and […]
  • Does Having a Good Job Mean You Have to Love It? September 18, 2017
    There is a lot of anxiety on how to make a job the job of your dreams, as if the only metric for a good job is how much you love it. Entry-level workers want to find the career of their dreams. Experienced professionals want to transition to the career of their dreams. Everyone’s asking: […]
  • How to Set Goals: 7 Unconventional Tips for Smart Women September 18, 2017
    If you’re feeling the urge to make plans, get organized, or develop new habits, check out the following goal-setting tips which I’ve picked up from working with smart and talented women. Some of these are contrary to popular beliefs, but they have all been road-tested by my clients and helped them successfully accomplish what they set out […]