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  • Don’t Let Impostor Syndrome Sabotage Your Career March 27, 2017
    Have you ever experienced a moment of panic before you got ready to pitch a proposal, deliver a talk or convene a meeting? I’m not referring to butterflies in your stomach or simple stage fright. I’m talking about being stopped in your tracks with a feeling of such tremendous self-doubt that your confidence was shot. […]
  • Five Reasons Why Your ‘Perfect Resume’ Still Isn’t Leading To Job Interviews March 27, 2017
    Most job seekers spend most of their time perfecting their resume. Then proceed to submit dozens, if not hundreds, of applications online, only to land a few job interviews. You might even refine your resume based on feedback from recruiters like me, prioritising the five items on your resume that recruiters notice first. Still no bites? […]
  • The female leader vs the female boss March 27, 2017
    By: Karina Keisler Karina Keisler is Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs at nbn. I was humbled to be invited to Liquid Learnin's Women in Tech and Telco Summit, to sit on the panel discussing “the female leader vs the female boss. The program outlined discussion topics on perceptions, stigmas, personality traits, stereotypes and working with […]
  • Paws for thought: why allowing dogs in the office is a good idea March 23, 2017
    With a growing body of research suggesting that a dog-friendly office could have a real impact on employee well-being and productivity, it's no wonder that more companies are welcoming furry friends into the workplace. First, some background. In perhaps the most famous study on dogs in the workplace, researchers at the Virginia Commonwealth University Center […]
  • Boys’ clubs still prevalent in tech as women fight against lower pay March 22, 2017
    Diverse City Careers co-founders Gemma Lloyd and Valeria Ignatieva, who started the DCC Jobs Board after experiencing sexism in the tech industry. RAMONA LEVER NBN Co IT design and delivery executive general manager Debbie Taylor considers herself a tough negotiator when it comes to her salary, but she's had to learn to be this way. While […]