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  • How To Be Bold For Change Every Day April 27, 2017
    Written by Margie Warrell on March 9, 2017 I must tell you – I love being a woman!  And I have long felt blessed to have been born in a time when women have so many opportunities and choices that even my own mother never had.  Yet of all the barriers women still face, one of the biggest is a lack of self-confidence […]
  • So You Got Fired… Now What? April 26, 2017
    Getting fired is a painful experience. Often it comes as no surprise, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it feels deserved. Sometimes, though you know it might be coming, it may still be something that you are not prepared for (mentally or financially). In reality, getting fired is both a blessing and a curse. Let’s talk […]
  • 12 Signs You Have the Mindset to Be a Great Leader April 18, 2017
    Becoming a great leader is a work in progress. There are things that will accelerate your leadership and things that will hold you back. I believe that everybody has within them the potential to be a great leader. But it all starts and ends, with mindset. As a coach to top executives in leading industries, […]
  • The Art of Selling to Female Clients April 17, 2017
    The first and most important concept to remember when selling to a woman is “Don’t sell her”. To most women selling stirs feelings of pressure, detachment and ulterior motives.  Yet most women especially when it comes to their finances need a push, need convincing before they will take action… even when that action is in […]
  • Why it’s So Difficult for Women to Become Online Experts and How to Overcome These Limitations April 17, 2017
    In my business, I am fortunate to work with hundreds of business owners. A numerous amount of them are in their 40s and already have families to care for. In order for them to pursue their dreams, many have departed from their previous, and many others are business owners who are looking to target new […]