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  • 6 Tips For Communicating Confidently August 17, 2017
    Written by Jaslyn Pal and Jack Nodding. Navigate through difficult situations and build your confidence when communicating in the workplace.   Great leaders know how to navigate their way through difficult situations, tough conversations and challenging co-workers. That said, communicating confidently doesn’t come naturally for everyone. For some, even the thought of having to speak […]
  • The 5 Stages to Living Your Passion July 24, 2017
    “The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.” — Mary Oliver Do you have a creative power rising inside you? It may be creative fuel or just a passionate urge to do something that […]
  • Here’s When Women Need to Act More Like Men at Work July 23, 2017
      I recently had the chance to interview a lot of women who made it to the C-Suite. In doing so, I found myself reflecting on how their journey compared to my own. While our industries and personal paths may have been very different, there were some common themes in our rises to the top. Here […]
  • Managing career breaks and maintaining credibility July 19, 2017
    Written by Helen Turnbull, Conference Producer at Liquid Learning. Building the bridge back into work I’m sure we all have days we wish our careers and lives were linear; a smooth, straight road without bend or pothole? I have those days too, but let’s face it for the majority, our career paths are quite the […]
  • Enhancing resilience in Retail and FMCG July 14, 2017
    Despite improved representation across the Retail and FMCG space, there is a significant imbalance between women and men in executive leadership roles. For women in retail and FMCG, it is critical they build skill sets to move into leadership, overcome challenges and bridge this gender divide. The requisite skills at this level may include negotiating, […]